Burt’s Bees was perceived as a crunchy hippie lip care company, so for the last four years I helped teach the brand how to take a shower, wear shoes with laces, and present itself—and new products—to a younger (mostly female) new audience.

Music From Nature—
We celebrated Earth Day by hurting a bunch of stuff from nature and making music out of its screams. 

A Brighter Calendar—
We introduced fans to an 8-week skin care regimen by adding funny invites to their digital calendars, reminding them to take time to care for their skin and Google “pandas eating birthday cake.”

An “advertising first,” according to the NYT

Pinterest Perfect Morning—
How do you get your Pinterest-loving target excited for a new product? You randomly bring one of their Pinterest boards to life. Like, for real.

Stop the Disappearing—
The honeybees are disappearing. We tried to save them by disappearing the letter “b” from the Internet. And planted a illion wildflowers in the process.